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High temperature paint

The paint is suitable for working below the temperature of the steel surface, and parts of the heat-resistant, anti-corrosion protective coating, play a protective role.


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Craft Paint

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  • high temperature paint
    [product number] YSKa * * * *
    "Name" high temperature paint
    [Scope of application] The paint is suitable for working steel surfaces below temperature, and heat-resistant and anti-corrosion protective coatings for parts, which play a protective role.
    [color] color can be adjusted according to the national standard and international color card, and can also be debugged according to the customer model.
    [Product Description] The paint is water-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-resistant, chemical-resistant, has good antirust performance, strong adhesion to steel and cement surfaces, can be dried at room temperature, and has good heat resistance, heat insulation, Wear resistance and mechanical and physical properties.

    Quality Standard
    Test Method
    Ford 4# Cup/Stopwatch
    4 ′ 00 ″ ~ 6 ′ 00 ″/25℃ ± 5 ℃
    100 grid method/3M gummed paper 45 ° angle pull up
    100% of the paint will not fall off (after the paint film is dry)
    fineness meter
    ≤ 25 μm (standard color fineness)
    Mitsubishi Pencil/Chinese Pencil
    ≥ H
    Heat resistance
    550 ℃/5H
    The paint film is slightly discolored
    Flat, bright, matte

    ● Gloss or other performance requirements can be deployed according to customer requirements
    [surface treatment] before spraying, please clean the surface, the company can use the KTM001 series of acetone water or KTM0023 series of solvent oil.
    [open oil and water] with the company's SCK series supporting open oil and water.
    [construction conditions] spraying, according to customer requirements to adjust the curing conditions.
    [Packaging/Storage] 4L cans or 20L cans (at 25 ℃ room temperature) can be stored for half a year without opening. Please use them up within 24 hours after dilution.
    ※ the above information is for reference only, the actual operation please contact the company, in order to suit your characteristics requirements ※

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