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UV vacuum plating

Mainly used for a variety of computers, mobile phones, LCD TV and other home appliances surface cover light.


Electroplated Gold Oil

Craft Paint


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  • Product Description
  • UV vacuum plating
    [product number] YSGc * * * *
    "Name" UV vacuum plating
    [scope of application] mainly used for all kinds of computers, mobile phones, LCD TV and other household appliances surface cover light.
    [color] colorless and transparent.
    [Product Description] It has excellent fullness, leveling, strong adhesion, strong and flexible paint film, excellent wear resistance, scratch resistance, and fast drying time.

    Quality Standard
    Test Method
    Iwata 2# cup/stopwatch
    8 ″ ~ 12 ″/25℃ ± 5℃
    100 grid method/3M gummed paper 45 ° angle pull up
    100% of the paint will not fall off (after the paint film is dry)
    fineness meter
    ≤ 50.00m
    Mitsubishi Pencil/Chinese Pencil
    ≥ HB
    Flat, bright, matte

    ● Gloss or other performance requirements can be deployed according to customer requirements
    [surface treatment] before spraying, please clean the surface, available the company's KTM016 series of isobutanol or KTM0023 series of solvent oil.
    [open water] with the company's SCG series supporting open water.
    [curing conditions] spraying 70 ℃ 5 ℃ Croast5-8min,15cmh 5-10 m/min 600 ~ 800mj/cm ².
    [Packaging/Storage] 4L cans or 20L cans (at 25 ℃ room temperature) can be stored for half a year without opening. Please use them up within 24 hours after dilution.
    ※ the above information is for reference only, the actual operation please contact the company, in order to suit your characteristics requirements ※

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